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bruno dog portrait
bruno dog portrait
bruno dog portrait

Name: Bruno (but we talk about him a lot)

Nicknames: Bru, Gooey

Owner: Kate Baldwin Wenzel

Breed: We weren’t sure since we adopted him but knew his mama is a lab mix. The DNA test results said he is mainly Lab, Great Pyrenees and Husky, along with a few other breeds.

Gender: Male

Age: He turns one on Monday May 16th

Favorite toys:  Bruno loves anything that squeaks, and will chew on a bone all day long.

Likes: Sleeping on his back in bed, cuddling with our kiddos, hanging out outside in the sun with his big sister Scarlet, wrestling with and chasing his brother Obi around the backyard. His favorite thing in the world is our cat Ginger – he will sit and look at her all day long, even if she won’t give him the time of day!

Dislikes: Loud noises

Most happy when: He’s out on a long walk exploring the neighborhood with daddy.

Can Bruno do any tricks? When we say “mat,” Bruno will run over to his bed and flop down waiting for a treat.

What’s your pet’s favorite food? Anything and everything! He won’t turn down food, but loves blueberries and cheese.

How would you describe his personality? A little shy, but super sweet and loving.

What’s your favorite part about him? How much he loves everyone in our family.

What’s the naughtiest thing Bruno has ever done? He swallowed a squeaker, and ended up having to have surgery to remove it.

What is his favorite spot in your home? In his crate, or near the cat.

What’s the best memory you have with Bruno? When we first met him! My sister fostered his litter, and he stood out from the pack the second we spotted him. We certainly weren’t looking for another dog, but he was irresistible.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Bruno loves strolling through Crestmoor Park and South Hilltop. He especially loves the couple of houses that have dog treat libraries in their front yards!

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