Our Brokers

Meet our brokers! With a combined average of more than 17 years of experience, our brokers are widely known for their friendly, personalized approach to business.

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Alex Caldwell

amanda maxwell headshot

Amanda Maxwell

Amy Gilson Headshot

Amy Gilson

Andrew Myers Headshot

Andrew Myers

Ann Meadows

bailey dolian website headshot

Bailey Dolian

President + Employing Broker

Becca Mahoney

Bridge Team Headshot

The Bridge Team

Shelley Bridge, Pam Tomlinson, Alex Brachfeld & Katy Ayers
carissa sargent headshot

Carissa Sargent

Celeste Ballerino Group Headshot Shelby

Celeste Ballerino Group

Celeste Ballerino & Shelby Schulz

Christine Dupont-Patz

Coupar Lester

David Bromberg

dawn bennett headshot

Dawn Bennett

Denverpolitan Team headshot

Jennifer Hudson & Kathy Nassimbene

eddie lederman headshot

Eddie Lederman

The Elevated Team

Kate Baldwin Wenzel
& Erin Whitmire
erb steelman team website

The Erb/Steelman Team

Laurie Erb, Jennifer Steelman & Sharon Clayton

Geoffrey Stell

Gerald Burl

Deb Guy & Chris Harvey

The Guy Team

Debra Guy
& Chris Harvey

Harding & Armstrong

René Harding
& Cliff Armstrong

Heather Bacon

team hetterich group headshot

Team Hetterich

Steve Hetterich, Callan Hetterich, Lynn Hetterich & Abby Hetterich

Jim Thoeming

Justin Miles

keira paul headshot

Keira Paul

Kelli Lanphere

Kincaid Team

Doug & Pam Kincaid
kreider holvick team headshot


Diane Kreider & Kristine Holvick

Laura D’Ardenne

Leo Rowen

liam donohue headshot horizontal

Liam Donohue

Louise Ninneman

Luke Gordon

Malo Team

Ken & Nicole Malo
Matthew Tapper Headshot

Matthew Tapper

Marilou Kiessig

Melinda Baker Vaught Headshot

Melinda Baker-Vaught

Michael Thomas

michelle campbell headshot

Michelle Campbell

Nagel & Co

Andrew Nagel & Jon Koneman

Pam Rios

Pat Krekel

paul cunningham headshot

Paul Cunningham

randy kehler website crop

Randy Kehler

Team Ricketts

Nancy & Craig Ricketts
Russell West Headshot

Russell West

sarah king headshot

Sarah King

Managing Broker
shannon gillespie headshot

Shannon Gillespie

Shunn Cross

Susie Axelrad Headshot

Susie Axelrad

Terry Thoeming