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Kate Baldwin Wenzel

Kate Baldwin Wenzel is an undercover cake crafter.  And not the single sheet cakes with cursive well wishes in sugared icing, but sumptuous confectionary masterpieces constructed layer by layer with the soul of their recipient in mind.  An old leather suitcase with a fondant globe mounted on top for the world traveler.  A spherical creation that defies gravity frosted in red and white for the Pokemon fan. Kate Baldwin pours her heart and soul into her creations because she cares about the people for whom she crafts them.

Kate brings this focus, dedication, and perfectionism to The Elevated Team of RE/MAX Cherry Creek. The Elevated Team is dedicated to being the difference maker in your real estate transaction. Whether it’s mixing the perfect batter by previewing house after house to find you the right one, placing the layers just so by lining up the ideal buyer, or the frosting on the cake – negotiating the optimal price for your home – Kate knows how to blend ingredients to create perfection for her clients.

Kate comes to The Elevated Team an accomplished agent, successfully translating to the real estate market the skills she honed for 15 years as a corporate marketing executive.  Those strong interpersonal, communication, and active listening skills allow her to understand her clients’ needs and her deep knowledge of the Denver real estate market allows her to translate those needs into results.  Those abilities have led to Kate being recognized as a 5280 Five Star Real Estate Agent (Rising Star) award winner in 2019 and 2020, and a RE/MAX Executive Club agent for 2018 and 2019.

A dedicated mother of four, when she’s not working with clients you can find Kate trekking her kids to various sporting events or competing on the soccer pitch herself. Kate and The Elevated Team look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Erin Whitmire

There aren’t many people who can remain stable both in work boots on a steep roof and on four-inch heels while running a charity auction, but that’s the unique perspective Erin Whitmire brings to The Elevated Team.  After years working in the housing construction industry, Erin joined The Elevated Team of RE/MAX Cherry Creek to help walk clients through the challenges of real estate transactions. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or selling your rental property, Erin is a shoo-in to provide you with the right guidance.  She also loves puns. And shoes.

Erin’s years in the roofing and restoration industry, coupled with additional experience in the home improvement sector, made becoming a real estate agent a natural progression. Though she is familiar with the construction and maintenance side of both commercial and residential properties, Erin enjoys working with individuals and families to ensure that her clients love where they live.

Erin has sat on the board of multiple animal rescues in the Denver area and frequently fosters litters of puppies (and their Mamas) rescued from across the country until they can be adopted.

A resident of the Centennial State for nearly four decades, Erin deeply understands the Colorado lifestyle and the nuanced specifics of the Denver-area market. She can’t wait to meet you, especially if you love dogs.

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