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rue fish portrait
rue fish portrait
rue fish portrait

Name: Rue

Owner: Nick Dolian (son of RMCC President Bailey Dolian)

How’d you come up with his name? It’s a combo of “red” and “blue”. If you look closely, you can see his little red fins. 

Nicknames: Buddy

Type of Fish: Betta

Gender: Male

Age: 3 Months

Likes: People, hiding behind coral, food pellets

Dislikes: The dark

Most happy when: people come to visit

How did you end up deciding to get Rue? He was a Christmas gift!

 How would you describe his personality? Social and grumpy. 

What’s your favorite part about him? How social he is.  

What is Rue’s favorite spot in your home? In my bedroom with the door closed so the cats don’t eat him 

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Seeing your pet and being able to be near it!

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