Navigating a challenging market as a buyer

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As buyers are dealing with a fast-paced, record-breaking market with extremely low inventory, we understand that the entire process can seem overwhelming. We hear the stories of properties going to cash buyers for way over asking price, waiting in a line extending down the block for showings, and not getting the chance to even see a property before it goes Under Contract. We know it can feel daunting, but teaming up with the right broker can make all the difference! You want someone who hustles, knows the ins and outs of the market, and makes sure to guide you toward a smart investment. This is truly the time when experience matters!

We want to help ease some of the stress by sharing tips to help buyers prepare both mentally and physically when searching for a home in Denver. Who better to ask than our amazing team for their expert advice in how to handle this insane market! So take a deep breath and put your trust in our amazing brokers. They’ve got your back! Here are some key things they recommend:

  • As it can feel scary to offer over ask, I try to have the buyer look at the big picture. With the market continuing to appreciate, I provide various scenarios to them on how long it will be that they “recover” and start to build equity if the appraisal does not meet the offer price. I show historical data and project into the future. And then, of course, take a DEEP BREATH! Kristina Davis
  • Write that back up offer! That’s how I got my buyer under contract on a home under $500K in Edgewater. Christine Dupont-Patz
  • Keep an open mind – the house you think might not be “perfect” could end up being the one. This could mean looking at a ton of houses, so be patient! Also, listen to your agent! To get an offer accepted these days take creativity, flexibility, and expertise. Finally, list price does not equal purchase price! It’s a good idea to look at homes $15-50k under your budget to give you wiggle room. Kate Baldwin, The Elevated Team
  • Bring snacks! Might sound silly but when you are going from showing to showing all day, you don’t have a lot of time in between! Samantha Taft

Want more tips to help you land your dream home in a tough market? Our brokers are here to help! CLICK HERE to view our team.

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