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Owner: Cassie White

How’d you come up with Leo’s name: Embarrassing story alert: My astrological sign is Leo and Leo’s are notorious for wanting all the attention. Before getting my dog I was talking with my mom about the decision. She asked me why I wanted my own dog when I could see our family dog anytime I wanted. I told her that I wanted my own dog because I wanted a dog that loved me the most and was obsessed with me. She told me that is the most “Leo” thing she had ever heard. She was right and I couldn’t stop laughing so his name was born. Be careful what you wish for! Leo never ever wants to leave my side.

Nicknames: LeeLee, Smoosh, Bubs

Breed: Cavenese (King Charles Cavalier/Havenese mix)

Gender: Boy

Age: 1.5 years old

Favorite toys: All the plush stuffed toys. He has a mountain of them.

Likes: Making friends with every person and dog he meets. Sitting on mom’s lap. Sticking his face in the snow. Shopping at Target. Car rides.

Dislikes: Being left alone. (The pandemic puppy separation anxiety is real!)

Most happy when: He is sitting on mom’s lap.

Can he do any fun tricks? He is a master of “sit” and that’s about it.

What’s his favorite treat? He’ll take any treat he can get. He knows every store in Cherry Creek that hands out treats and insists we visit each spot on our daily walks.

How would you describe Leo’s personality? Leo is a lovebug. He becomes best friends with everyone he meets. He loves snuggles and kisses. He hates to be alone and I call him my shadow because he is never more than five feet away from me.

What’s your favorite part about him? Leo has endless love to give and he is the happiest little guy. His tail is constantly wagging.

What is Leo’s favorite spot in your home? He loves the couch. He likes to perch on the armrest or sprawl out on the chaise. He thinks dog beds are beneath him and has never curled up in one.

What’s the best memory you have with him? The day I met Leo he was 9 weeks old he climbed into my lap, peed on me, and curled up and fell asleep. It was love at first sight.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? We love to take long walks around Wash Park. You can catch him taking frequent breaks laying in the grass and refusing to move.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Everything! Getting Leo was the best decision I ever made. He’s my best buddy.

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