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ginger kate cat portrait
ginger kate cat portrait
ginger kate cat portrait

Name: Ginger

Owner: Kate Baldwin

Nicknames: Ging, Catten, Kitten

Breed: Long haired calico

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Favorite toys: Her pink flamingo feather toy, her stuffed tiger (she sleeps with it at night), any balls with bells in them

Likes: Teasing the dogs, staring out the window, sleeping, playing with Isabelle

Most happy when: Curled up with her humans in bed. When she was a baby, she would sleep on our pillows.

What’s her favorite food? Friskies tasty treats – she hears the container come out and bolts to get them.

How would you describe Ginger’s personality? We call her a sour patch kid – she is sweet one minute, then threatening to nibble you the next. She also likes to hide and swat at people when they walk by!

What’s your favorite part about her? She is so sweet and a huge cuddle bug. She also drools when she is happy.

What is Ginger’s favorite spot in your home? Either Isabelle’s bed or the back of the couch

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Knowing they count on us, making sure they are happy and have everything they need.

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