Fourth Down with a Side of Wings

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Along with football season comes delectable, finger-licking wings, whether you prefer them fiery hot, smothered in BBQ sauce, or if you’re embracing the vegan twist. RE/MAX of Cherry Creek brokers weighed in on their favorite wing spots from the Denver area, and – as we suspected – opinions on this topic are strong!

Fire on the Mountain is the reigning champion. First opened in 2012, Fire on the Mountain now has locations in Wash Park and the Highlands. They’re well-known around the city for their traditional and boneless wings, offering more than a dozen sauces, from extra hot, to bourbon chipotle, to raspberry habanero. 

But, it’s not just chicken wings that they’re known for! “Their vegan wings are incredible, and they have so many sauce options to choose from,” says Krissy Blackband, Creative Director at RMCC. 

Ace Eat Serve (Uptown) is another frontrunner. Featuring a ping-pong hall, this Pan-Asian restaurant also serves a variety of wings, including Korean fried, Lucky Dragon, Tiger Wings, and “Naked.”

Esters (Virginia Village, Park Hill, Wheat Ridge) is another wing favorite. “They’re oven baked, so crispy and absolutely delicious! They rotate flavors seasonally but always have their classic Buffalo, which are also gluten free,” says Kate Baldwin Wenzel.

Two other wing locales that can’t be missed are Piper Inn (Southwest Denver) and Lil Ricci’s (Golden and Parker).

The Piper Inn, a family-run Denver icon for more than 5- years, has been serving up classic Buffalo, zesty garlic, and signature Asian wings since it opened in 1968. Fun fact: rural farmers used to ride their horses to the bar.

And, Lil Ricci’s, primarily known as a pizza spot, puts its own unique spin on wings. “These wings are not your conventional hot wings! Baked with a spicy, sweet sauce, they’re probably not popular among traditionalists but well worth a try,” says Ann Meadows.

With an array of options to suit every palate, the Denver area is a wing lover’s paradise. Whether you’re seeking classic Buffalo wings or daring new flavors, these top picks offer a winning combination of taste and atmosphere for a memorable game day. 

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