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cat walking
cameron cat tail

Name: Cameron

Owner: Bailey Dolian

How’d you come up with the name? A nod to Duke Basketball

Nicknames: Cammy Cam, White Shadow

Breed: 🤷‍♀️

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Favorite toys: Shoelaces

Likes: Staying super close to people all the time

Dislikes: Being touched

Most happy when: He’s not being harassed by his brother or sister

Can he do any tricks? He can sit on demand!

What’s Cameron’s favorite food? Everything. All food.

What’s his personality like? Anxious yet snuggly

What’s your favorite part about him? His blue eyes!

What’s the naughtiest thing Cameron has ever done? He escaped and spent an entire wintry night under a bush in our neighbor’s yard.

What is his favorite spot (or hiding spot) in your home? Under my sweaters in the closet.

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