Applejack + Smoky

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applejack smoky pet portraits
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These two are available for adoption through Saving Dobermankind Animal Rescue! Find out more: or


Names: Applejack and Smoky

Fostered by: Erin Whitmire, The Elevated Team

How’d you come up with their names?: They are from the Dolly Parton Litter. Mama is a beautiful Doberman named Jolene, her pups are named after Dolly songs, favorite places, and loved ones (like Carl Dean).

Their Spotify playlist:

Nicknames: Smoke-a-doke and AJ

Breeds: Doberman Supermutt mixes. (Their adopters will get a copy of their DNA test to find out all the fun breeds!)

Gender:s M (Smoky) and F (Applejack)

Ages: 3 months

Favorite toys: Sticks!

Likes: Cuddles, walks, playing outside

Most happy when: Getting pets

What’s their favorite food? It’s a toss up between liver bite treats and bananas.

How would you describe their personalities? They are both incredibly sweet, calm puppies. Smoky is soulful, and Applejack wants to be your very best friend.

What’s your favorite part about them? How loving they are

What is their favorite spot in your home? In anyone’s lap

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Fostering is really special because you get to help them get ready for their forever families. They are going to be such a great addition to their new homes!

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