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watson dog pet portrait
watson dog pet portrait
watson dog pet portrait

Name: Watson

Owner: Allison Whitney

How’d you come up with his name? Watson’s dad is very into literature and Watson seemed very smart, like Dr Watson from Sherlock Holmes.

Nicknames: Dr Watson Wiggles Whitney or Wats or Watty Wat

Breed: All of the dogs

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Favorite toys: Loud squeaky balls and ropes.

Likes: All of his people.

Most happy when: cuddling for head scratches with mom in the mornings.

What’s Watson’s favorite food? Puppet Nutter cookies!

How would you describe his personality? Goofy and happy and introverted.

What’s your favorite part about Watson? His silly face, he love and his underbite.

What is his favorite spot in your home? His hoooman brother’s bed, when the sun hits it.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Having a little guy love you so much and being able to love them so much back, they give unconditionally and can make us smile and laugh not matter how hard the day is. People don’t deserve dogs. Watson is 15/10!

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