Watch for trash bills for Denver’s new waste pickup program

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As Denver rolls out its new trash pickup fees, Denver residents should be on the lookout for upcoming bills. Billing began in January and continues through March.

Starting in January, the city instituted a “pay-as-you-throw” model in which residents’ bills reflect how much trash they discard. Costs are:

  • Smallest trash cart: $9/month. Holds 2-3 trash bags.
  • Medium trash cart: $13/month. Holds 4-5 trash bags.
  • Largest trash cart: $21/month. Holds 7-8 trash bags.

Billing occurs quarterly, so each invoice will contain charges for three months.

Residents looking to save money can reduce their trash by opting for the compost program, in addition to regular waste pickup. The compost service is free and allows residents to discard food scraps, yard debris and non-recyclable paper, thus reducing their overall trash. The city picks up compost bins weekly.

This option is not only economical but ecological. “By adding compost collection,” notes the city website, “Denver can reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill by as much as 50 percent!”

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