Wall sconces add ambiance and a regal feel to any room

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Proper lighting in a room is essential, not only for illuminating an area, but also for providing ambiance. And nothing is more atmospheric than the often-overlooked wall sconce.

Wall sconces come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used to accent wall art, light a small area for tasks, or simply add soft light to create a cozy ambiance.

Here are some tips from House Digest on how to use sconces throughout your home:

With wall art: Sconces are a great way to highlight beautiful art on your wall. For instance, emphasize an individual hanging by placing two identical sconces on either side of the art, or flank a gallery of pictures with sconces. Sconces can also be installed above a framed photograph or art piece to “instantly [make] a space look and feel more regal.”

For bedside lighting:  Installing sconces on either side of the bed can eliminate the need for lamps and free up your nightstand, leaving more room for books and other items. House Digest recommends swing-arm style sconces that allow you to adjust their position as necessary.

With a mirror: Use wall sconces on either side of a framed mirror to illuminate the mirror better or to simply add beauty to the tableau.

In hallways: Bring welcoming light to dark hallways by placing sconces at similar heights throughout, or use sconces beside consoles, mirrors, and art to do double duty: highlighting these elements while also lighting the hallway.

Above the bathroom vanity: Wall sconces create intimate lighting in a bathroom, while also providing illumination for the mirror. Place the sconces above each mirror, or between them. It’s best that the light emits “outward, rather than directly upward or downward,” notes House Digest

Around a fireplace: Choose large wall sconces to place on either side of the fireplace to “provide light when a fire is not crackling,” suggests House Digest.

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