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waffles pet portrait
waffles pet portrait
waffles pet portrait

Name: Waffles

Owner: Katy Ayers

How’d you come up with her name? I guess when my humans saw my golden wavy coat they thought I looked like a waffle…they must have been hungry.

Nicknames: Dubs, Waffs, Pretty girl

Breed/Gender/Age: Golden Doodle/Female/3 years old

Favorite toys: I prefer my human’s stuffed animals over any dog toy! And, I will happily greet anyone that comes through the front door with a stuffy to share.

Most happy when: I am most happy when I am outside watching for bunnies.  

Least happy when: When mom and dad bring home foster puppies and I am forced to share my stuffies.

Can Waffles do any tricks? I don’t have any tricks per se, but I do have an awesome snaggle tooth that mom like to show everyone.

What’s her favorite food? Cheese and Chicken!

What’s the naughtiest thing Waffles has ever done? I’m an angel.

What is her favorite spot in your home? On the cool, tiled floor by the front door.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Same as my bro – Bible and Wash Parks are great for checking pee-mail.  

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