Turn on your washing machine from the office…and other smart technology trends

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The refrigerator tells you when you need more eggs. The thermostat knows that you just left town and lowers the temperature in your house. The speaker reports the weather, the traffic situation…and anything else you ask of it.

Ah, life in a smart home. Such devices not only make life easier for you – they practically sell the home themselves when it comes time to move.

In a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker & T3 Sixty, as reported by the real estate website PropLogix, 82% of agents and brokers said that smart home technology “streamlines” a home sale. “Having a smart home can also boost the value of a not-so-great listing more than spending money on landscaping, for example, as tech appeal is starting to trump curb appeal,” adds the website.

What are people looking for?

Here are the most popular items, as noted by PropLogix:

Smart speakers: You might know them as Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod, but there are plenty of other smart speakers entering the market. They allow you to control home functions just by stating your need. “…While sitting in your office you may realize you left the lights on in the living room and say, ‘Hey Google, turn off the lights in the living room.’ Suddenly, you’ve cut down on energy costs without leaving your seat,” notes PropLogix.

Smart thermostats: This innovation is popular for the simple reason that it allows you to save on your energy bills. You can program the thermostat, for example, to drop the temperature when you’re sleeping at night, or when you leave for the work day. “Nest thermostats claim savings of 10% on heating bills and 15% on air conditioning, and ecobee surpasses that with potential savings of up to 23% annually, according to smartneighbor.com.” While homebuyers can easily set these up themselves, they appreciate moving into a home where the smart thermostat is already installed.

Smart security: Doorbell cameras are increasingly popular. They allow you to see a live stream of what’s happening at your front door and even talk with the person on the porch, even when you aren’t home. “According to research from Realtor.com, doorbell cameras are likely to eclipse traditional and remote-controlled security cameras because of their ease of installment and ability to provide two-way communication,” notes PropLogix.

Smart appliances: Activate your washing machine remotely so that your laundry is clean when you get home. Check with your refrigerator on what items you might need to pick up at the grocery…Smart appliances save time. And let’s be honest, they’re pretty fun, too.

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