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tucker pet portrait
tucker pet portrait
tucker pet portrait

Name: Tucker

Owner: Ann Meadows

How’d you come up with his name:  I made a list of names and he looked like a Tucker when I picked him up!

Nicknames:  Tuck, Tucker Meadows, Crazy Man, Blondie, Mr. T

Breed:  Australian Labrodoodle

Pronouns:  he/him

Age:  5

Favorite toys:  We call it his baby.  It’s this green toy that when he drops it on the floor makes crazy noises and jumps around.  It is truly obnoxious.  I think the toys that make noise are his favorite.  He also has an orange fox his Aunt Mary Beth gave him that he likes to carry around and make crinkle. 

Likes:  Daycare, Barking at everyone who walks in front of our house.  Toys, he loves them all!  Snuggling in the morning before we get up.

Dislikes:  He is picky about his snacks.  He doesn’t like apples or blueberries.  

Most happy when:  He is running around a big yard like a crazy man! 

Can Tucker do any tricks? Just the normal stuff – sit, stay, lay down, shake.  He can catch treats in his mouth and he always seems surprised he caught it.  

What’s his favorite food/treat?  Cheese – he loves shredded cheese.  He can hear me get in the cheese drawer no matter where he is in the house and he comes running.  

How would you describe Tucker’s personality?  Laid back when we are out, a little crazy when we are home.

What’s your favorite part about him?  When I talk to him he gets this look and then cocks his head like he really knows what I am saying.  I also love his brown nose and his long eyelashes.  

What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done?  When he was younger I left him in the laundry room while I was gone. I wasn’t gone very long. When I got home, he had chewed up the linoleum in the laundry room.  So now the laundry room has tile and he stays in a different part of the house when I am gone. 


What is your pet’s favorite spot in your home?  On the sectional in the family room all curled up on his blanket that has his name on it.  He also likes my bed.


What’s the best/funniest memory you have with your pet?  Whenever we have guests over in the evening and he gets tired he puts himself to bed. 


What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet? Go to Aunt Judy’s.  He loves her yard and runs and runs and runs.  When he comes home he is exhausted!


What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner?  They are wonderful companions, they love me unconditionally.

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