Tricks for making tiny bedrooms feel luxurious

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Not all bedrooms are created equal. While some are luxurious, with space to spread out, many are little more than oversized closets, with room for a bed and little else.

With careful decorating, however, even small rooms can be functional and look more spacious.

Here are some tips from Apartment Therapy and The Spruce:

Use a large mirror: “It may be the oldest trick in the book,” says an Apartment Therapy article, “but an oversized mirror really does work wonders to make a room feel bigger and brighter.”  If you’re especially short of space, the website suggests hanging a full-length mirror behind a bedside table.

Hang curtains high: Moving the curtain rod close to the ceiling and letting curtains drop all the way to the floor can make the ceiling feel higher than it is.

Choose furniture with multiple uses: For example, a bench at the end of the bed can be used for seating, holding extra pillows and blankets at night, or as a place to open  luggage for guests—and serve as interesting décor, at the same time. A small bedside table with drawers adds storage space, and so on.

Think vertical: “You might not have much floor space, but by using the walls right up to the ceiling, you use the space you have more efficiently while drawing the eye upwards, making the room seem larger,” notes The Spruce. Try installing a tall headboard, hanging artwork above the bed, or building in floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Use sconces instead of lamps: Sconces free up space on nightstands and floors and “draw the eye upward,” notes The Spruce.

Choose beds with legs: Instead of a large, clunky bed frame, choose one in which the  legs are meant to show. This helps “create an airy, open feel in the bedroom,” says The Spruce.

Match drapes or blinds to wall color. Instead of breaking up the room with a different window covering color, create a seamless visual space. It will offer the illusion of a bigger room.

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