Toast + Bagel

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Name: Toast & Bagel

Owner: Kristina Davis

Nicknames: Toaster Strudel 

Breed: Snow Bengals

Gender: Toast – Male. Bagel – Female

Age: 9 months

Favorite toys: Toast – lasers. Bagel – a mouse that she plays fetch with.

Likes: Toast – a good bowl of water I can splash in and stand in – it comes from when they were in the wild – they were clearing off the leaves. Bagel – loves mornings cause that means it is time to eat. She stands on you purring and wanting to be petted – so she is forcing you up!

Dislikes: Neither like being held upside down

Most happy when: They have each other!

Can they do any tricks? Bagel plays fetch with a mouse, and if you ignore her she bats it around your feet.

What’s your favorite part about them? They are so unique in the markings. I have not had Bengals before, so they stand out. They are talkers and love to tell you all about it.

What’s the naughtiest thing they have ever done? They scratch the furniture – we’re getting new pet-friendly furniture, so will see how that goes!

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? The unconditional love – or at least we think it is that, but really they know I feed them, so they are drawn to me. I like to think I got my grandmother’s “animal gene” as she was the animal whisperer! 

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