Tired of your go-to takeout choices? Here are some new ideas for winter comfort food

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The pandemic has made us all fans of takeout. To avoid the dangers of dining indoors, we’ve been ordering from our favorite restaurants, picking up our meals in bags and boxes and enjoying them at home.

But as the pandemic drags on, the old favorites are, well, growing old. And winter brings a hankering for hot, comfort foods.

Want to shake up your takeout menu? Here are some suggestions from the Denver Post column The Know:

Bone broth from the Nest Care at Nurture, 2949 Federal Blvd. The Know likes Umami Veggie and chicken bone broths all made with root vegetables, fresh turmeric, ginger root, garlic and herbs. A warm option for a cold day.

Chili from Leven Deli, 123 W. 12th Ave. The restaurant is near the Denver Art Museum, so The Know suggests seeing the Frida Kahlo exhibit (provided the museum isn’t closed due to the pandemic) then heading to the restaurant’s takeout window and ordering up some chili “made with the restaurant’s signature 12-day pastrami and a traditional chili base, plus sour cream and cilantro on top and toasted bread on the side.”

Pho from Pho Duy, 925 S. Federal Blvd and 6600 W. 120th Ave., Broomfield: You can’t go wrong with pho in winter. At this restaurant, notes The Know, you can choose from a plethora of protein combinations, and “you’ll get a platter of separate ingredients.” Take them all home, boil the broth and add it to the noodles, meat and vegetables for a steaming taste treat.

Sherpa stew from Himchuli, 3489 W. 32nd Ave.: Featuring sticky dumplings, stewed vegetables and thick curry sauce, the stew comes in varied heat levels, with basmati or brown rice on the side. It’s customizable in other ways, too: Choose your vegetables and lamb, chicken or shrimp.

French onion soup from Brasserie Brixton, 3701 N. Williams St. Yes, it’s topped with the delicious, traditional melted gruyere. That’s one good reason to go with this option. Better yet, you can supplement it with homemade sourdough bread and apple cake with sweet cream for dessert, sealing the deal.

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