Thinking of selling your home? Landscaping adds value

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The spring selling season will soon be upon us. If you’re thinking of listing your home, now is the time to assess whether your landscaping shows off your home in the best possible light.

“When it comes to getting the best price for your home, the power of landscaping to increase your home’s value can’t be overlooked,” a consumer trends expert recently told Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G). “First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is what potential buyers notice first.”

To make the most of that first impression, BH&G recommends these 4 enhancements when the weather warms:


“Trees can add up to $9,000 to your home’s value,” Bryan McKenzie of Bumper Crop Times, told BH&G. Choose your trees strategically, considering their mature size, the shade they will introduce, and which species can best adapt to your yard’s environment.


Walkways are important to a buyer’s first impression. To make yours inviting, consider planting flowers on each side of the walkway or installing “stylish planters,” or even flowering bushes. “If the walkway is well-decorated, it instantly creates a good ambiance for the house,” notes BH&G.


Adding solar-powered lights to your landscape can highlight the yard’s best features and is a trend that “has quickly become one of the most desired outdoor landscaping features for homebuyers,” one broker told BH&G.


Adding mulch not only helps keep the soil moist, prevents weeds and moderates soil temperature extremes, it also puts the finishing touch on your landscape, creating a professional, appealing look.

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