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A large down payment on a home can make the difference between a mortgage you can afford and one you can’t. We know saving for a down payment can feel overwhelming – but we’re here to help! In this ongoing series, we offer a simple tip each month on how to save for that down payment and meet your homebuying goals.

Today’s tip: Listen to podcasts that offer financial advice    

Most of us aren’t educated in how to manage our finances. We learn by trial and error. But wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate the error part? While that’s not entirely possible, we can become informed and minimize our mistakes. To that end, podcasts abound that offer financial tips. Recently Investopedia named its 10 favorites:

  • The Ramsey Show
  • The Clark Howard Podcast
  • Women and Money
  • So Money
  • Bigger Pockets Money
  • Afford Anything
  • The Money Guy Show
  • Optimal Finance Daily
  • Money for the Rest of Us
  • Planet Money

Each takes its own slant on the topic; podcasts range in duration from 10 minutes to longer than 60 minutes. Find the one that fits your needs and school yourself.

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