THE SAVING CORNER | Budget apps help you track your spending

by | May 3, 2023 | Blog, The Saving Corner | 0 comments

A large down payment on a home can make the difference between a mortgage you can afford and one you can’t. We know saving for a down payment can feel overwhelming – but we’re here to help! In this ongoing series, we offer a simple tip each issue on how to save for that down payment and meet your homebuying goals.

Today’s tip: use a budget app to meet your savings goals.   

Let’s face it: it’s hard to save money if you don’t know what you’re spending it on or haven’t established a budget to be sure you’re staying within your intended limits. The good news is that this is the age of the app. And budget apps are dropping like pennies from heaven. Budget apps come with differing set-ups and goals. Some simply track where your money is going. Others help you portion out your income into specific spending categories.  Some are free; others charge a monthly fee. There’s something for every need. Recently, NerdWallet recommended 8 budget apps. Choose one and start getting serious about saving.

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