The Green Corner | Today’s Tip: Seal Your Home

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Sustainability seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. But what can one person do to help save the environment and lessen the effects of climate change? A lot! Today, and in coming newsletters, we offer simple tips for going green.

Today’s tip: Seal your home

If you have a leaky home – one where air flows easily in and out of your home through unsealed cracks— you are wasting energy. And that comes with big costs – financially and environmentally. While many leaks, particularly those around windows and doors, can simply be caulked to fix the problem, others are less obvious. Consider hiring a professional to do a thorough audit of your home. He or she will bring equipment to locate leaks; inspect your attic for proper insulation; check exhaust vents for leaks to the outside and much more. This one-time investment could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Contact your local utility for recommendations on who to hire.

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