Sugar-rush yourself to one of these 4 Denver-metro bakeries

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When it’s time for a nosh, you could grab a bag of potato chips or whatever store-bought cookies you have in your pantry.  Or, you could head to one of Denver’s amazing bakeries and spend those calories on something far superior.

We know which option we’d choose.

“Bakeries in the Denver area have been rising like batter in the oven,” notes 5280 magazine. They provide “a slew of sweet new options for cakes, cookies croissants and more.”

Close that pantry door and head to one of these bakeries recommended by 5280:

GetRight’s Basque cheesecakes, salted maple cinnamon buns, blueberry cream pies and chocolate croissants. These are the favorites Matt Dulin used to stock in “pop ups around town.” Now the popular fare has a permanent home. Head to the Wheat Ridge bakery for these sweets, as well as delicious breads, specialty sandwiches, pizza, soups and salads. 6985 W. 38th Ave. Wheat Ridge.

Sweet Sisters: If you’re gluten free —and even if you’re not— this will seem like heaven on earth. The all-gluten-free bakery, run by two sisters, offers mouth-watering delectables such as herbes de Provence cake, Vindalicious cakes and cupcakes “made with curry powder, vindaloo, and ginger and frosted with Thai curry-tinged icing.” If you’re not an adventurous eater, not to worry. “The bakery has more typical flavors, too,” reassures 5280. 641 S. Broadway, Boulder.

The Flour Shop: Get your craft cookies here. And if you don’t know what that means, the magazine helpfully informs that they are “handcrafted confections using quality ingredients and thoughtful packaging and presentation to round out the elevated cookie experience.” Count us in for this, as well as for The Flour Shop’s frozen cookie dough and cakes. 2400 Curtis Street.

Paris Baguette: This is a South Korean chain bakery and café. But don’t let that scare you away. The bakery, according to 5280, “has a huge cult following, and fans of its yogurt fruit cakes and mocha doughnuts have been lining up at the first Colorado location in Parker since late March.” An Aurora location soon followed. Choose delicious croissants, doughnuts, three-layer cakes and much more. 18374 Cottonwood Drive, Parker; 10601 East Garden Drive, Aurora.

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