Spring cleaning? Add these 5 tasks to the list

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It’s nearly time for spring cleaning, but why stop with dusting and disinfecting? Once your basic cleaning is done, there are other ways to freshen up your home to make it the best it can be.

Here are 5 suggestions from Sunset Magazine:

Replace outdated kitchen hardware: Replacing old knobs with modern versions will instantly update your kitchen.

Give your furniture some TLC: Maybe it’s the fraying armchair, or it could be a table with years of scratches and dings. Choose a piece that needs TLC and spiff it up by recovering, sanding, painting or making other simple fixes.

Upgrade bathroom faucets and showerheads: As with kitchen hardware, this is a simple, inexpensive way to make a dated home look fresh and new.

Purchase new door hardware: “Scuffed locks, handles, kick plates, and deadbolts in a dated finish can ruin the look of a front door—not to mention a guest’s first impression of your home,” notes Sunset. Take off the old hardware, paint the door, then install the gleaming new items.

Add tile: Sunset admits this isn’t the easiest idea of the bunch. “First, consider springing for a tiling class,” it suggests. You can also get help on YouTube. Start small, “the top on an outdoor table,” for example, then focus on flashier projects, such as kitchen or bathroom backsplashes.

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