Soothe your soul at Colorado’s scenic hot springs

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 As the temperatures drop, there’s no better outside activity than a trip to a hot springs resort. A soak in natural mineral water is good for body and soul – and the splendid mountain scenery comes as a bonus.

Here are 4 choices just a few hours’ drive from Denver, as suggested by 5280 magazine:

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop: This resort has proven its worth over its 141 years of existence. Sit in rugged rock pools by the Chalk Creek river or soak in man-made swimming pools. Either way, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery. And if you’re too relaxed to fathom a long drive home when you’re done, enjoy a night in Mt. Princeton’s welcoming hotel accommodations.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs: “Dating back to 1888, long before I-70 cut through Glenwood Canyon, Coloradans have been submerging themselves in the world’s largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool,” notes 5280. The main pool is 405 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 90 degrees. Looking for something hotter without as many kids splashing around? Try the smaller, therapeutic pool.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs: If you’re seeking something more intimate that the sprawling Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, this is the perfect alternative. The resort offers 16 small pools (children under 5 not permitted)—all with mountain views—ranging from 98 to 108 degrees, as well as a large family pool at 94 degrees.

Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, Redstone: “Sitting at 7,000 feet, this cozy hot springs destination looks out onto the Crystal River and the majesty of Mt. Sopris,” notes 5280. The resort’s three picturesque pools range from 92 to 104 degrees, and guests are welcome to stay overnight in the resort’s log cabin accommodations.

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