Soaking tubs have become a hot commodity

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After a hard day, there’s nothing quite like the relief of a soothing, reinvigorating soak in a hot tub. And if that tub happens to be an architectural wonder as well as an R&R retreat, all the better.

Enter, the soaking tub. It’s as beautiful as it is useful—a freestanding piece “that act[s] as functional sculpture, giving even an ordinary bathroom the luxurious mood of a private spa,” notes 5280 magazine.

But how to choose the right one for your home? The magazine recently polled five Colorado interior designers about their favorite tubs. The winners are:

The Halley tub by Jetta:  Designer Laura Medicus likes this tub for its “graceful, oval shape, its comfort, its ability to work in a “variety of home styles” and its price: $4,901 for a 60-inch model. “Compared to similar bathtubs,” she notes, “it’s a great value.”

The Elise tub by MTI: Made of “primarily organic stone with a resin binder,” this tub retains heat better than an acrylic tub, notes designer Pamela Chelle. It addition, it’s symmetrical, with the drain in the center. That means you can lounge at either end of the tub without sitting on the drain. $6,251 for the 66-inch model.

The Avalon tub by Native Trails: This tub is made with a propriety mix of natural materials “that makes the tub highly resistant to wear and tear,” says designer Julie Wray. It also offers “a luxurious yet relaxing vibe.” $8,490 for the 62-inch model.

House of Rohl’s Victoria & Albert Toulouse Freestanding Soaking Bathtub: Designer Jodi Cook recommends that her clients “try on” tubs “like you would a pair of shoes. Climb into them in the showroom!” she urges. That said, she’s confident clients will love this model, with its rolled edge that offers comfort for the neck. She also appreciates the volcanic limestone rock and resin material the tub is made of, which holds heat effectively. $4,761.

The Borghi tub by Antoniolupi: Costing thousands of dollars, this is no impulse buy, but at least homeowners can soak away the stress of this major purchase in style. Designer Yvonne Jacobs appreciates its rich colors, “and the material is elegant and so indulgent.” $27,200. Yes, you read that right.

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