Sleigh All Day: Denver’s Top Sledding Spots for Winter Warriors

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Blog, Denver Activities, Weekend Happenings | 0 comments

Buckle up, winter enthusiasts! As the frosty winds weave through the Mile High City, it’s time to trade your Netflix binges for an outdoor winter escapade. Denver, with its undulating landscapes, transforms into a sledder’s paradise when the powder falls. 

Ready your sleds and check out some of these top spots:

  • Harvard Gulch Park (550 E. Iliff Ave., Rosedale) Colorado Parent says you can “gain a surprising amount of speed” at this top sledding spot before warming up on South Pearl Street with hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Central Park (8801 Martin Luther King Blvd., Central Park) – Although the slope on the main hill rises approximately 30 feet, the grade isn’t too steep, making it a family-friendly find.
  • Ruby Hill Park (1200 W. Florida Ave., Ruby Hill) – Happening in Denver calls this a “sledder’s paradise,” citing more than 80 acres of terrain for all ages.
  • Jefferson Park (2201 Clay St., Jefferson Park) – A three-sided hill is the perfect fit for all types of sledders, ending in a basin for peace of mind.
  • Robinson Park (200 Fairfax St., Hilltop) – With varying heights and inclines, Happening in Denver says, “there’s a bit of something for everyone.”

So, grab your saucer, toboggan, sled, or snow tube and chase the winter magic. Whether you’re a slow snow sculptor on the bunny slopes or a seasoned speedster eyeing the steeper descents, these Denver hills are ready to make your winter memories unforgettable for all ages.

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