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skye pet portrait
skye pet portrait
skye pet portrait

Names:  Skye

Owner: David Bromberg

How’d you come up with his name? Name given by woman who found him

Nicknames: Wolf/Wolfie, Bud, Thumper, Magic (eyes go totally brown at night), Autostereogram (look up Magic Eye)

Breed:  Marketed as an Aussi Mix – seems more like a German Shepard Mix or a Wolf

Gender: Male

Age: 2ish

Favorite toys: Tennis Ball (can’t catch yet), My Hand

Likes: Being with his people, playing with other dogs

Most happy when:  Being with his people

What’s his favorite food? Apple, banana, cucumber, potato

How would you describe his personality? Work in progress (just a few weeks in our home), playful, very sweet, gentle

What’s your favorite part about them? Magical eyes, soft mouth

What is his favorite spot in your home? Wherever we last sat

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Having an always happy companion

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