Should You Sell Your House Now?

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Like any business deal, selling a home requires a certain amount of strategy and planning. If you are thinking of selling your home soon, suggests you ask yourself three important questions:

1. Are you ready?

Look around your house as if you were the buyer. What stands out? Do the rooms need painting? Is the carpet worn out? Are the closets cluttered? Are the kitchen appliances outdated? Think of what you would want to see in a home and begin getting your house in shape. The process of readying a home for market can take several months, so think ahead.

2. When should you sell?

Conventional wisdom says to put your home on the market in late spring or summer because families shopping for houses like to be settled in by the beginning of a new school year, generally in August. But other times of the year can also be advantageous to sellers, as there are likely to be fewer competing homes on the market.

Considering Denver’s shortage of homes for sale (compared to the number of eager buyers), however, anytime is likely to reap rewards, and advises against sticking strictly to summer months. “Owners are encouraged to sell when the property is ready for sale, there is a need or desire to sell, and the services of a local REALTOR® have been retained,” the website advises.

3. How do you increase your home’s value?

Buyers tend to look for the least expensive home in the best neighborhood that they can afford. “In terms of improvements, this means you want a home that fits in the neighborhood but is not over-improved,” says

Consider improvements that will make your home more competitive with others in the neighborhood, but be sure the capital investment required can be recouped in the sale. New paint, wallpaper, landscaping and any repairs needed to make your home’s systems and appliances in good working order are smart ways to ensure that you will receive top dollar from the sale.



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