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Saki pet portrait kitten
Saki pet portrait kitten
Saki pet portrait kitten

Name: Saki

Owner: Kristina Samuelson, Digital Marketing Manager

Nicknames: Little Gremlin

Breed: Siamese mix

Age: About 4 months

Favorite toys: Her sister Sushi’s tail, stuffed mouse toys, anything with a string!

Most happy when: She’s eating!! I never knew a 2.5 lb kitten could eat the way she does, It’s impressive 😊

Least happy when: Taking a bath, getting surprised by her 85 lb Golden Retriever brother, Sammy, and when I’m vacuuming

What’s the naughtiest thing Saki has ever done? I’ve only had her for a few weeks, but I know this one is going to be a little trouble-maker 😉 I’d say the main thing right now is she always tries to steal my food

What is her favorite spot in your home? I’ve noticed she likes hanging out on top of my fridge or anywhere that’s pretty high up. Just ordered a cat tree and I think that’ll be her new favorite spot in the future!

What’s Saki’s personality like? She is super curious and entertaining to watch while she explores the world – she’s more confident than her little sister, and usually leads the way when going into new situations. When she’s winding down for the day she likes to cuddle and purr, so she has a super sweet side to her too. ❤

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