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One of the most vital parts of the Denver Zoo’s operation is their nutrition program that feeds their 3,000+ animals. It costs quite a bit of money to feed all of them healthy meals and make sure they are meeting their dietary needs. Donations help to make this happen! After a year where visitor numbers and ticket sales were down due to the pandemic, our contributions are much needed to ensure that these beautiful animals continue to thrive! To give some perspective, we’ve included information below about how much goes into feeding just one of their animals.

As they explain on their website, the Zoo’s Nutrition Department builds daily diet plans, based in animal nutrition science, and it is dedicated to creating diets for every single one of their more than 600 species – as close as possible to what they would consume in the wild.

See for yourself how much is required! We are excited to support the Zootrition program through RMCC Gives. Follow the link below to help us and make your donation – the animals need our support!

DONATE: rem.ax/ZooDonations

lion zootrition

steak info denver zoo

wild dogs zootrition

nutrition info zoo


DONATE: rem.ax/ZooDonations

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