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We’re excited to be kicking off a series of informative interviews with some of the amazing businesses we work with on a regular basis to share the ins and outs of what they do as well as keep you informed of how they can help and ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Our first chat is with Mark Foley of Equity Title. Since we have a business relationship with their company, they play a key role at our brokerage and take part in many of our transactions. Their team works tirelessly to make sure our clients are taken care of, and we are thrilled to share Mark’s insight with you!

What led you to work in the title industry?

Mark: I think anyone who gets into the title industry does so by accident.  I was working as a loan officer and starting a family, and as a result, I started looking for a job that was a little more 9 to 5.  I was at a closing at Stewart Title, and the closer mentioned the office was slammed and looking for people.  I reached out to Stewart Title the next day and got a job soon there soon after.  I ended up working at Stewart for 10 years and left because my current opportunity opened up.

Tell us about the past year for your industry – any interesting trends you’ve noticed or projections for the next year?

Mark: Hard to say! 2020 was such a strange year because of a lot of factors.  Going into April, I thought 2020 would be our worst year since we opened in January of 2009, but it ended up being our best year!  A lot of that was due to the low rates and the large number of refi’s we closed.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Mark: I was working at a finance company and trying to qualify a young couple for a small personal loan.  I tried running the numbers several different ways and couldn’t get them to hit the necessary requirements.  I spoke with my boss and he said I was looking at everything too black and white.  He gave me a $2 bill and said this isn’t the most traditional way to pay for things but it still works.  Long story short, his little lesson taught me to think more outside the box, to consider the gray option instead of black or white and to not immediately say “No” before trying to figure out a different way to get it done.   I still have that $2 bill on my bulletin board.

Do you have any tips for buyers and sellers to help make the title process easier?

Mark: Ask questions. I find that so many buyers and sellers get to closing and are very unclear about one thing or another.  I love being able to address questions prior to closing because it sets everyone’s mind at ease once we sit down to sign.

What do you like most about what you do?

Mark: The opportunity to solve problems.  I’m a problem solver by nature and I love the challenges this job creates on a daily basis.  Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming but it’s all part of the rush.

On to the fun stuff…what music have you been listening to lately?

Mark: My Spotify 2020 top artist was Radiohead, followed by The National, but  I think I listened to Slow Rush by Tame Impala and RTJ 4 by Run The Jewels more than any other albums last year.

What tv shows have you been watching?

Mark: I don’t watch much TV.  I prefer watching sports and love my hometown Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.  My wife and I are currently trying to finish season 4 of the Crown.

What’s your favorite part of living in Denver?

Mark: I love the seasons.  Growing up in Buffalo we had 4 seasons but it seemed like winter was 8 months long.  I love the options for things to do.  I love the breweries!  I love living in a town with four sports teams.  I love the camping and hiking.  So many great things about living here!  It’s no surprise that when I moved here after college in 1994 I told my parents I’d probably be back in 6 months.  Not so much.

Thank you to Mark for sharing his unique insight and words of wisdom. You can find out more about Equity Title at www.equitycol.com, and you can drop by to visit them right next door to our office. Have more questions or ideas for an RMCC Resources article? Contact us!

100 Jackson Street
Denver, CO 80206


RE/MAX OF CHERRY CREEK, INC. has a business relationship with EQUITY TITLE CHERRY CREEK, a Colorado limited liability company, of which RE/MAX CHERRY CREEK, INC. holds a 48% Membership Interest. Because of this relationship, this referral may provide a financial or other benefit.

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