Renovation vs. Remodel: How to Determine What Your Home Needs

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Typically when you move into an existing home, there’s anywhere from one to a hundred (or more!) projects you want to tackle to customize your space. But…do you need a remodel or a renovation? And, what exactly is the difference?

Apartment Therapy recently took on this subject, noting that the terms are often used interchangeably but they refer to different processes. Interior design expert, Mariya Snisar, says that “the focus of a renovation is to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a room without altering its fundamental structure or layout,” whereas a remodel involves “significant changes to the layout or structure of a room or even an entire property.”

Simply put? It’s all about the depth of the project – whether you’re making cosmetic changes or doing a dramatic transformation. 

Apartment Therapy lists examples of renovation projects as painting walls, adding trim or molding, replacing flooring, refacing cabinets, updating fixture, changing doors, and swapping hardware and knobs. 

Remodeling, on the other hand, includes tearing down walls, reconfiguring a room’s layout or floor plan, creating several rooms out of a singular space, finishing a basement, replacing windows, adding an addition or story, and building outdoor spaces.

How do you know which you need? Identify your goals and your budget as a place to start. Apartment Therapy then advises, “If you like the existing layout and want to update the aesthetics,” a renovation is the way to go, but “if you need to maximize your space, address structural issues, or improve functionality, a remodel will better suit your needs.”

And, finally, carefully consider if you’re able to tackle a project yourself or if you’re better suited with a skilled contractor or designer.

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