Ready to declutter? Take these easy steps

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You’ve cleaned out the refrigerator, dusted your light fixtures, and completed dozens of other spring cleaning tasks. But if you haven’t decluttered, you’re not finished. Clutter makes even the cleanest home look unkempt.

We know it’s not easy to cull your possessions. “Facing a cluttered space can feel disheartening,” admits Houzz. But by tackling the task in smaller steps, you can slowly work your way toward a more organized living space.

Houzz offers these suggestions on where to start:

Kitchen counter: The kitchen counter can be a catchall for clutter: “school notices, rubber bands, shopping bags, receipts, to-do lists and on (and on),” notes Houzz. Find more permanent spots for the things that tend to pile up, be it a bowl or basket, and stop “counter clutter sprawl” in its tracks.

Bedside table: “Clear away the toppling piles of books, scribbled notes and old water glasses, and wipe away the coffee rings,” notes Houzz. Allow only the book you are currently reading, and maybe a candle or two or a vase with flowers.

Dresser drawers: This can be a daunting task. Houzz suggests setting a timer for 30 minutes and attacking a single drawer. Sort clothes into piles: those to keep, those to donate, and those so worn they should simply be discarded. Tackle the next drawer another day.

Linen closet: Use the same 30-minute strategy noted above and begin culling old, frayed items and things you no longer like. Donate anything that’s still in good condition.

Toy chest: Empty the chest and reunite pieces that belong together (puzzle pieces, Legos, etc.) Then place toys your kids no longer play with in a bag “and put this immediately in the car,” advises Houzz, “otherwise, the toys are likely to migrate out of the give-away-or-sell bad and back into the toy chest!”

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