Quick Tip of the Month: Thinking of planting trees this spring? This website can help

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Today’s Tip: Thinking of planting trees this spring? This website can help

Planting season is on the way, so now is the time to make your landscaping plans. If you’re thinking of establishing new trees in your yard, a little research is required. After all, you don’t want to plant a tree that looks small now, but grows to a span of 20 feet, right next to your house, or choose a species that looks lush, only to wilt in our dry climate. The good news is that The Park People, a Denver group that promotes tree planting throughout the city, has done much of the work for you. Their website offers descriptions of 56 tree species that thrive here; tips on how to plant and care for trees; answers to frequently asked questions…and more. Plant yourself on  https://theparkpeople.org/Learn/Best-Trees-for-Denver for a quick tutorial, and reap the rewards in the form of healthy trees in years to come.

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