Quick Tip of the Month: How to Hang Art At Just the Right Level

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle, Remodeling / Do-It-Yourself Projects | 0 comments

These days, everyone is looking to save time. We aim to help! We will offer a simple tip for everything from home renovation to cleaning to home buying in this space every month.

Today’s tip: How to hang art at just the right level

While some think that hanging art pieces is, well, an art, The Spruce begs to differ. Hanging art, the design website notes, is just simple math. The Spruce recommends the “57 inches rule.” Here’s how it works: Measure from the floor up, until you reach 57 inches. Then hang your art piece so that its center is at the 57-inch point. Why? Because this is the average eye height. It’s a rule used by art galleries, museums, and  interior designers. As one art professional told The Spruce: ““Nothing makes me want to grab a hammer and re-hang a picture more than seeing it hung too high. The 57 inches rule has never let me down.”

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