Quick Tip of the Month: Flowers to plant in spring

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Today’s tip: Flowers to plant in spring

If you’re like most gardeners, May is the month you descend on plant stores snapping up new flowers and greenery to brighten up your yard. But in the rush to try something different, it’s easy to choose plants that look great in the gardening center, only to later realize they aren’t suited for Colorado’s climate. If you’re looking for some no-miss perennials to consider, Lifescape Colorado suggests: Rocky Mountain Columbine, prairie coneflower, blue flax, Russian sage, bellflower and bloodred geranium. When it comes to annuals, Lifescape recommends verbena, snapdragon, Dahlberg daisy and black-eyed Susan to plant in full sun, and wax begonias, coleus, impatiens and Madagascar periwinkle for shady spots.

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