Quick Tip of the Month: Add value to your home with outdoor living projects

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle | 0 comments

These days, everyone is looking to save time and trouble. We aim to help! We offer a simple tip for everything from home renovation to cleaning to home buying and more in this space every month.

Ever since the pandemic hit, homeowners and buyers have doubled down on their appreciation of outdoor space. If you’re thinking of ways to enhance your backyard, take care to choose projects that add to your home’s value. Some to consider are: expanding your patio, building a deck, planting trees for privacy, creating a Zen garden (or any garden, for that matter), installing an outdoor kitchen, or building a “she shed.” One important note: With any landscaping project, be certain the grading allows water to drain away from the house, otherwise you’ll compromise your foundation, and any value added by the project will quickly be overshadowed by expensive repairs.  

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