Planning on selling your home this season? Here are 5 ways to reap top dollar

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The spring home selling season is well underway, and while most potential sellers understand the need to spruce up the inside of their homes before listing, many forget that exterior updates are just as important.

In fact, 71% of prospective home buyers cite a home’s curb appeal as significant to their buying decision, reports RisMedia’s Housecall. “Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home, and that means your home’s exterior needs to be in optimal condition,” it notes.

If you’re thinking of selling your home this season, or simply want it to look its best, Housecall recommends considering these 5 steps:

Replace your front door: “A quality front door can be a huge asset for your home’s value,” notes Housecall.  It’s one of the first things buyers see and lends a feeling of security as they enter the home.

Update your landscaping: The vast majority of homebuyers—92%—look at homes on the Internet during the buying process. That means photos are key. Attractive landscaping enhances photographs of your house and can bring a 252% return in increased home value, according to Bankrate.

Paint if necessary: Buyers looking at peeling or fading paint on your home’s exterior will immediately think of the work and money required to fix it, and may turn away. Repaint when necessary, using a neutral color that will appeal to a large swath of buyers.

Replace windows: Trading old, single-pane windows for modern options improves the look of your home, helps save on energy costs, and offers greater security. For a typical home, expect a 90% average return on resale and save $125 to $475 on your energy bills each year—a big selling point when listing the home.

Pressure wash home and property: “Pressure washing is hands down the best bang for your buck,” notes Housecall; it rejuvenates your home by washing away dirt from driveways and walkways and brightening the paint on your home’s exterior. The average price of $236 is minimal compared to other expenses.

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