Planning a bathroom remodel? Consider these trends

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If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, you’ll have options galore in everything from tile to faucets to paint and color schemes. How to decide?

Aside from your personal preferences, it helps to know the trends so that your re-do looks modern and fresh. Recently, Good Housekeeping asked interior designers and architects to share their favorite bathroom trends for 2023. We also add our own ideas below:

Tiled walls: Add texture and interest to walls by tiling them. “I’ve used dark tile on the back wall for a sophisticated contrast,” designer Caren Rideau told Good Housekeeping.

Pedestal sinks: Small powder rooms require creativity without overwhelming the space. “Freestanding pedestal sinks create a moment of visual interest,” notes designer Sarah Weichel, and they won’t overpower the room.

Floating vanities: Give your bathroom a sleek, modern and open look with vanities that don’t touch the ground.

Textured tiles: Textured tiles catch the light in interesting ways and “add decorative interest, dimension and artistry to a space,” notes designer Sarah Barnard. You can find them in everything from small, inch-square tiles to large irregular shapes.

Tub as a focal point: Many homeowners are choosing free-standing bathtubs that give a spa-like feel to the room. Use the tub as your main focal point and decorate around it.

Linear drains: Lose the round drain in the middle of your shower floor and opt for a linear drain instead. This drain, installed in the back of the shower and extending the shower’s full width, offers a sleek, fresh look.

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