Plan now for spring improvements to your home’s exterior

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In winter, when we’re driven inside by the weather, we tend to focus on the interior of our homes, looking for ways to spruce things up that add to our comfort. But now is also a good time to study your home’s exterior with an eye to enhancing it come spring.

Early planning will allow you to assess what’s needed and contact talented tradespeople, who will be ready to jump into action when the weather allows.

There are many ways to freshen up your home’s exterior. Here are some ideas:

Focus on your windows:

Windows provide a natural accent to your home’s exterior. Highlight them with shutters painted to contrast with the home’s predominant color. Also, consider adding window boxes. Flowers in window boxes add a pop of color and a sense of joy to your home’s exterior.

Update lighting:

The right lighting can make your home stand out. Think of adding: sconces near the front door or on both sides of the garage; lights placed in garden areas, projecting up to trees or the house itself; lighting under the eaves to highlight the areas below.

Clean the exterior:

There’s nothing like a good power wash to make a drab exterior shine. This relatively inexpensive procedure can reap rewards far beyond the investment.

Update your roof:

Impact-resistant shingles are quickly replacing wood shingles throughout the Denver-metro as various municipal laws ban new installation of shake shingle roofs. To update your home—and possibly save on insurance premiums—replace your shake shingles with asphalt or other long-lasting options.

Use color as accents:

The right colors can transform you home from plain to eye-popping—for the cost of a few buckets of paint. Consider using a bright color for your front door and contrasting colors on other accent areas of your exterior.

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