Pandemic infecting your holiday fun? Here are safe ways to celebrate

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

With Christmas colliding with the coronavirus, we’re all a little on edge: How can we have a joyous holiday when we can’t be near the ones we love?

It’s not ideal, we admit. But there are plenty of ways we can share some fun with others without sharing the virus, as well.

Here are a few ideas:

Go Christmas caroling: For safety’s sake, wear masks and do some social distancing in between houses. The fresh air should do the rest.

Collect gifts for a nonprofit: Ask donors to drop gift items on your porch or another secure spot where you can pick them up and later distribute them.

Play virtual games: Try one of a host of virtual games that allow for multiple players in different locations. For example, you can investigate an escape room (Virtual Escape Room); pit “townspeople” against “werewolves” (Werewolf); play a quiz game that helps participants learn about each other (QuizBreaker)…and more!

Have a virtual Christmas Party: Send a goodie box to each guest; then meet online to share snacks and scintillating conversation.

Enjoy outdoor events: Attend annual Denver favorites, such as the Botanic Gardens’ Blossoms of Light; Zoo Lights; and Parade of Lights (this year, floats will be featured around town, rather than at a traditional parade).

Take a drive to look at holiday lights: This is as great a diversion as ever. Let others deck the halls while you enjoy their efforts from the safety of your car.

Virtual beer/wine tasting: Send guests a box with the appropriate beer or wine choices, select cheeses, crackers and other goodies. Then Zoom in for group enjoyment.

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