Outdoor kitchens, cottages… and other backyard living trends

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Since the pandemic hit, people appreciate the great outdoors more than ever. No wonder backyards have become a priority.

In fact, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), outdoor living projects have increased 65% among its membership this year.

What sort of projects are they talking about? Below, some trends:

Outdoor kitchens: Of those planning outdoor areas, 76% are building outdoor kitchens. This was the top project noted by NKBA, followed by upgrading existing spaces, building patios and decks and adding screened porches and three-season rooms, in that order.

Year-round usage: In our new reality, people are hoping to use their outdoor spaces as long as possible. According to Forbes, “The most requested features for enhanced outdoor living spaces are expanded and upgraded seating, fireplaces and firepits, and weather protection.”

Increased privacy: As people use the outdoors for more activities, including exercise and meditation, privacy has become paramount. This translates into “sheltered side yards, careful window placement and covered patios,” according to Forbes, reporting on a study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Pergolas: Easy to install and a quick way to build in shade, they provide a nice space for dining and relaxing.

Backyard cottages: Where allowed by building codes, they are being used to house older relatives or adult children, offer spare bedrooms, office space, gyms or spaces to meditate.

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