New state-of-the-art vinyl pressing plant comes to RiNo

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In recent years, vinyl records have soared in popularity.  Now, Denver is part of the comeback, with the advent of a vinyl production facility in RiNo.

Vinyl Me, Please, a Denver-based record club, is opening a 14,000-square foot pressing plant to serve its business, which provides “custom, commemorative vinyl” for its record club, according to Westword.

The plant’s construction solves a supply chain issue, says Vinyl Me, Please CEO Cameron Schaefer.

“What we’ve seen is, essentially, the demand for pressing vinyl over the last two years far outpacing supply for pressing records,” he told Westword. “About a year ago, we were really digging in on this analysis, because obviously, the vinyl supply chain was pretty critical to our business. And as we started interviewing heads of major labels and heads of pressing plants and distributors, we learned that last year at this time, there were about 300 million units of pressing demand worldwide, chasing about 150 million units of global capacity.”

The gap was creating a two- to three-year global vinyl backlog, and the company decided to build its own plant.

The new plant will be run by Gary Salstrom, reports Westword, who is well known in the industry and past manager of plants that pressed high-profile albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and albums by the Beastie Boys, the Eagles, and more.

It will be state-of-the-art. “[B]asically, we had told Gary from the get-go that, ‘If you’ll do this with us, we’re going to just try to provide you with every single thing you need to realize your dreams of pressing the best records ever made,” Schaefer told Westword.

The pressing plant will also offer a visitor experience that includes plant tours, a showroom, and a listening area with a bar. Located across from the Mission Ballroom, it will also bring artists appearing at the Ballroom to the plant “to do all kinds of stuff, like meet-and-greets, live sets, private parties and things like that,” noted Schaefer.

Building began in June, with the entire operation scheduled to be up and running the first quarter of 2023.

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