New food hall in Arvada serves up mentorship along with its menus

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As food halls continue their rise in popularity throughout the metro area, Arvada can now boast about its Freedom Street Social.

The new food hall, located at 15177 Candelas Parkway, opened in July. It features 10 food and drink stalls and an unusual mission: “Our goal is to use this as a restaurant incubator, to take brands and test them in new markets,” the hall’s co-owner Nick Costanzo told the Denver Post. “Our goal with every (chef) in here is to give them a platform to really grow in a lot of different avenues.”

The hall features tasty fare from regular and visiting chefs. Among the regular offerings are: Sushi Kuro, featuring Denver sushi chef Taylor West; Osito, run by Blake Edmunds (“the chef behind Mister Oso in RiNo); and Pressed Coffee and Vinyl, run by hall-co-owner (and Nick Costanzo’s wife) Aimee Costanzo.

A bit of social activism will be served up, as well, in the form of the Chef’s Kitchen, a program “in which (Denver chef Tajahi) Cooke mentors up-and-coming or out of work chef’s, providing a month-long residency program,” reports the Post.

It makes the food hall more than just another place to refuel and relax. “This is our way of … not turning our back on individuals,” Cooke said.

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