New Denver venue features live music outdoors

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If you’ve been missing live music in the wake of the coronavirus, fret no more. A new venue is offering in-person shows three nights a week.

Just bundle up and head to Number Thirty Eight, a music/restaurant venue named after the fact that Colorado was the 38th state to join the Union. Located in RINO, Number Thirty Eight offers an outdoor stage, sand volleyball courts and a 12,000 square foot restaurant with two bars. Better yet, “the whole thing looks out onto the Platte River and the Rocky Mountains beyond,” notes a recent Westword article.

Formerly a neon sign factory, the venue accommodates around 1,000 guests outside and hundreds inside, according to Westword. During the pandemic, however, patio seating is limited to 175, and only about 60 guests are allowed inside.

In another nod to our germaphobic times, the owners offer a low-contact experience. As guests arrive, a host takes their temperatures, and everyone receives a color-coded wristband with a chip in it, so that guests don’t have to handle cash or credit cards throughout the venue. “So you can pay as you go without having to reach for your purse or wallet, and the wristbands can all be connected to one credit card for corporate events or other groups who want to pay from just one account,” reports Westword.

Up-and-coming acts of all genres play two sets a night, one at 5 p.m. and another at 8 p.m. Currently, all seating is by reservation, with no cover charge.

Given that it’s winter, one has to wonder: Will patrons get a touch of hypothermia with their hip hop?

The owners are counting on Colorado’s sunny weather and outdoor-loving residents to overcome such challenges. “As Coloradans, when it gets cold, we put a layer on, and we go outside right when it gets cold,” co-founder Spencer Fronk told Westword. “…We go and explore, and we go to the mountains to get out. And that’s kind of the mentality that we’re going to be bringing here. We want people to come outside.”

And for the less, er, hearty? “We’ll have heaters,” adds Fronk.

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