Moving Made Affordable: Tips to Slash Your Relocation Costs

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Moving to a new home can be an expensive endeavor, but with some savvy strategies, you can significantly cut down on costs without sacrificing quality. Here are some tips from Apartment Therapy to help you move on a budget:

Score Free Moving Boxes: Pharmacies as well as big-box stores, liquor stores, and bookstores are great sources for surplus cardboard boxes. Call ahead to request them. Utilize community platforms like Nextdoor to connect with neighbors who may have extra moving boxes to spare, too.

Book Movers Strategically: Schedule professional movers during weekdays when rates tend to be lower compared to weekends. Disassemble furniture yourself before moving day to save time and money with professional movers. Consider renting moving containers or Pods, which can be a more cost-effective option than hiring traditional movers. 

Pack Smart and Eco-Friendly: Use towels, bags, and suitcases you already own to pack smaller items, reducing the need for additional boxes while being environmentally conscious. Pack strategically by placing smaller items into larger ones to minimize the number of boxes needed. For example, nestle a jewelry box inside a dresser drawer or stack shoe boxes inside a larger container. 

By implementing these cost-saving measures, you can streamline your moving process and keep your budget in check. Moving doesn’t have to break the bank – with a little ingenuity, you can make a smooth transition to your new home without emptying your wallet.

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