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max pet portrait
max pet portrait
max pet portrait

Name: Max

Owner: Coupar Lester

Nicknames: Maxy, Moo Moo

Breed: Bernese Mt. Dog

Gender: Male

Age: Almost 10 

Favorite toys: Doesn’t love toys but will play tug of war

Most happy when: With people or going on a walk

Least happy when: At the vet

Can Max do any tricks? Sit, shake, lay down

What’s his favorite food? He likes it all

What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done? Digs in the garden and used to bite the sprinkler heads off

What is Max’s favorite spot in your home? Where we are hanging out or on the tile/or wood floor to stay cool

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Max loves to walk around the Cory-Merrill school grounds

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