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marley cat portrait
marley cat portrait
marley cat portrait

Name: Marley

Owner: Kathy Nassimbene

Breed: Doll Face Persian

Age: 15

Favorite toys:  None, but he does like finger nail files!

Likes: When I am home

Dislikes: Getting brushed and going to the vet

Most happy when: He gets treats, and sleeping by my head.

What is Marley’s favorite food? Chicken and turkey

How would you describe his personality? Needy but so sweet

What is your favorite part about him? He loves to lick my face

What is Marley’s favorite spot in your home? On the couch or in bed with me

What is the best memory you have with him? When I picked him up at the airport when he was a baby

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? To always have someone waiting for you to get home

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